TT Mbha Opens Up About His Road To Recovery

"Look after your mind"

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TT Mbha is opening up about his road to recovery after testing positive for the coronavirus.

The Living The Dream with Somizi star took to Instagram live to share the symptoms he has been experiencing and what he has done to treat them.

In his video, TT encouraged people to look after their minds if they test positive for the virus, as the minute you allow the virus to affect your mind that is when it affects the body.

He also explained that last week he experienced various symptoms related to the virus such as headaches, diarrhoea and coughing but he maintained that people should not allow it to consume their minds.

TT also said that he did allow the virus to get to him for two days where he found himself questioning God and it started affecting his body and this is why he emphasized on the need to keep positive.

The businessman wanted to use his story to be a dose of hope and show that recovery from the virus is possible as stories are not told in the news.

TT said that next week he will be retesting if he is allowed, he also reassured everyone that his family is fine as he has been isolating from them. He also promised to be sharing more of his journey as there are other people who are in similar journey's that need to hear it.
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Look after your mind!!

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