Tumi Morake: Ayanda should have carried on with #OPW

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Not only is she the presenter of one of the most watched shows on Sunday television (#OPW), but Tumi Morake has also dabbled as a judge on reality show She’s The One - which is now going into its second season on e.tv with its new host Thapelo Moekoena.

ZAlebs caught up with the comedian to find out why she decided to be part of a show like She’s The One, and her views on former #OPW presenter Ayanda Mpama.

You’re not just a comedian anymore, but a sought-after brand, and when you become a brand you carefully choose what kinds of projects you want to be involved in. Why did you choose to be a part of the She’s The One project?

The idea of getting to play with young women from the country who need to understand that it takes more than just a pretty face to have staying power excited me. Plus I have never been a judge on anything, it was a good opportunity to get a taste of what that's like.

If you were a contestant on She’s The One, how long do you think you would’ve lasted and what personality trait of yours do you think would’ve helped you last longer? 

I think I would have maybe gone up to top six. Then the girls would get tired of my energy. My adaptability, knack for reading people, and my sense of humor would have been my get out of jail free cards.

The second season of She’s The One is coming up. What would be your advice to all the ladies who are taking part in the show?

Keep it real and treat every challenge like it is your last. And for crying in a bucket, we aren't building a sisterhood, this is a competition!

Everyone has been raving about Tumi's new image. The weight loss and new hair style has had many men and women doing a double-take on Tumi every time she appears on screen. We asked the comedian if she plans on sticking to her new hair-do for good?

We love your new hair-cut. Has Tumi ditched the weaves and braids for good?

I don't know. I've always wanted to try short hair and I was so afraid until I realised wait, I am Tumi effing Morake. WHO am I scared of? 

Congratulations on your return to #OPW. What were your thoughts on Ayanda Mpama’s reign?

I think Aya had a lightness about her and a touch and burst of energy which I enjoyed. I think she should have carried on with one more season before hanging up. I think sometimes we give social media too much credit.

What types of armour have you “purchased” for all the Twitter Trolls and shots that will be sent your way? It seems like you’re very prepared for whatever they’re going to dish out.

I was looking for armour and came across my give a s**t bucket, and realised it was empty. It has made going forward so much easier. But I always have the block button in my back pocket. And once all obligation to Mzansi is met, I shall share choice words with the overly excited trolls.

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People might be throwing shade at you, but we know that there are a lot of people who envy your job. So tell us what does it take to be an #OPW presenter?

Listening and observing. At the end of the day, you are taking the viewers through the couples' journey and guiding their perspective to some degree. Be patient, have thick skin, and remember it isn't about you.

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