Unathi Nkayi Gets Real On Weightloss Issues

She had to fetch her life

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Unathi Nkayi has opened up about her troubles with her weight loss journey, hoping to inspire women on her social media, encouraging them to fetch their lives.

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She has encouraged many people by posting a before and after picture of her weight transformation. The Idols SA judge revealed what kept her motivated into losing the weight and getting the body she wanted and deserved.

Unathi revealed that she even had to fetch her life because she felt like she deserved it and had to do whatever it took to get it. 

"I have so many conversations with many of you beautiful women. The underlying theme I frequently get whilst speaking to some of you is that you feel that you can’t reach your goal or that you don’t deserve it. How will you know if you don’t at least try.

"You often ask ‘How do you do it’ I literally had to Fetch My Life. The life I knew I wanted and ENJOY TODAY. Fetch the body I wanted...and that takes constant work. But to me it is worth it because I love how I feel and look physically. Then I had to literally fetch my mind....in constant therapy....it’s no longer about healing in my sessions because I’m gliding great. Now it’s about how do I stay ahead Psychologically, spiritually, professionally and financially," she wrote.

Unathi said that her transformation is more than what she ever expected.

"In love it helps me navigate this world as a single woman. So I literally did the work and continue to do the work of...let’s say it together....of fetching my life. PS the life that I fetched is greater than anything I could have ever wished for myself," she concluded.

Unathi's weightloss journey did not begin now, she revealed to Anele Mdoda in her Real Talk with Anele talk show in 2017, that she committed to losing weight when she nearly 100kg.

"Rock bottom was not the comments or the disrespectful women who just threw themselves at my man It was being two digits away from triple digits. I couldn't have that," said Unathi.

The musician joined a few other celebrities who committed on losing weight, such as Boity who breaks the internet every time she posts a sexy snap showing off her body. The images, which showed her posing in a black bathing suit, displayed her toned legs and abs which caused a lot of envy on social media

The rapper has been consistently working on her body for the better half of 2020, and has proved what she was capable of. She captioned the post with, “Don’t mind me. I’m just using any excuse to celebrate the return of the body!”.

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