Uncle Waffles Trolled For Filth Following Her Recent Ink

She had absolutely no idea the amount of Twitter wrath she'll endure

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Undeniably, Uncle Waffles is the most loved and booked DJ in Mzansi and in the short space of time since her debut, she has taken the nation by storm. However, she has found herself at the wrong side of Twitter following her recent ink.

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Another day where Uncle Waffles make rounds on social media following her recent tattoo that has got Twitter talking. Once the club DJ and brand ambassador took to social media to reveal her new ink, tweeps were not jumping for joy as they started to throw jabs and trolled her for filth.

Taking to social media, Uncle Waffles revealed her tattoo while still at the parlor, however the conversation started when the final product was presented on Twitter. Taken by excitement and joy Uncle Waffles share her new ink, little did she know that she has opened a can of worms and tweeps began to throw dirt in her eyes.
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It wasn't until the final product was revealed on Twitter that tweeps started to go in and hard on Uncle Waffles while accusing her of misspelling the name that she has written on her body. Tweeps have gone to claim that Uncle Waffles will one day regret even getting herself inked because they claim that the tattoo is not their cup of tea.

Waffles tattoo has gotten people in their feels and evidently, they are totally disapproving of it. Tweeps have thrown in their two cent and the comments are not very nice and tasteful. When Uncle Waffles shared the news with her fans, she had no idea the amount of Twitter wrath that she will have to endure.
"Uncle Waffles tattoo is stressing me. I'm worried... Is that really what she wanted. Yoh Yoh Yoh bathong lona..." wrote Kari
"My problem with this, is that it will look bad for that tattoo artist, even though his work is good he just flopped here" wrote Unidentified
"I've made horrible choices and decisions in the the past neh? But no where near Uncle Waffles tattoo choice. She has the bad one on that" wrote Bandz Wodumo
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Although there is a twist in Uncle Waffles new tattoo and the words she written carries a strong message. However, tweeps did not mince their words to call out the tattoo will all sorts of names in the book.

Uncle Waffles tattoo is written as "Deo Volente" and according to Google the meaning of the words is "God willing; if nothing prevents it". tweeps has even overlooked the strong and meaningful message the tattoo carries, while they focusing on how unsettling the Uncle Waffles new ink is.

Uncle Waffles was recently spotted last night performing at the launch of Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and Edgars. This comes after Rihanna announced that her beauty and make-up products will now be sold in Africa, including South Africa.

Mzansi A-listers gathered for a night of glam and fabulousity at the very first launch between of Rihanna's Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela spotted Uncle Waffles on the decks doing exactly what she does best.
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