Uncle Waffles Lookalike Finds Herself In Hot Water

Tweeps have just had enough of her

By  | Oct 14, 2022, 10:13 AM  | Top of The

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TikTok and social media sensation Seemah has found herself on the wrong side of Twitter as tweeps are gunning for her blood. The Uncle Waffles lookalike is not having a good day after introducing her merch that is selling at 'ridiculous' prices.

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Tweeps have not forgotten how the TikTok sensation Seemah once incited fatphobia and body shamed plus size women on social media. The Twitter outrage comes after Seemah has introduced her merchandise, T'shirts to be specific that are selling at R500.00.

Tweeps are not having it as they have made it crystal clear that they won't be supporting Seemah and or buying her T'shirts. They are reminded of her horrible commentary on plus sized people and how she talked down on them. Tweeps are convinced that Seemah is hateful towards plus sized women while inserting that her friends, Cyan Boujee is also a plus sized person.

"I have no problem with Seemah, but her thinking people love her so much that they’d wear a shirt that costs R500 with her face is crazzzy. The merch doesn’t even look like someone who owns a Mercedes benz" wrote Ziyakhala
"Seemah deserves all the smoke she’s catching. Waxa??? I was rooting for her till she showed her true colors. She calls thick women waxa forgetting that her bestie Cyan Boujee naye ngu “waxa”" wrote Nkosazana
"Seemah is such a hypocrite. She recently used her platform to incite fatphobia then her minions started using derogatory terms to describe plus sized women. What baffles me is the fact that she got worked up and chose to use bigotry because slim girls were referred to as ..." wrote Ayanda Masinga
Tweeps are finding it very hypocritical for Seemah to take to social media and cry abuse, when she is the same person who have have used the same platform to bully and body shame plus sized women, and other fellow influencers. Instead, tweeps are rejoicing at the backlash Seemah is receiving for her reckless commentary and inciting fatphobia.

"Seemah ke mean girl she exposed herself last year with that video ya "we all have that one content creator we don't like or something like that" when she chose to reply to only mean comments and left the positive comments especially about Kayla and Dodo" wrote Isabella Monyaseala
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