Uzalo cast and crew back to work

After an uncertain week, the cast and crew have picked up tools and are ready to hit the ground running again

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Last week the production of the show had been placed on halt after it was revealed that the production company had not paid its workers for the month of August. 

Stained Glass Pictures which produces the series released a statement last week confirming that the production of the show had been placed on hold as the cast and crew had not been paid for the month of August. The reason behind the payment issue was due to the fact that the production company was still waiting for outstanding payments from the public broadcaster.

"As a company, we carried the costs of production for as long as we were able to while waiting for the outstanding payments to be settled by the public broadcaster,” explained Pepsi Pokane, Executive Producer of Stained Glass Pictures.

While the cast and crew waited for their payments, the staff did eventually exercise their rights to not work until their salaries were paid for the month.

 On Monday, Uzalo's publicist shed some positive news and explained that the workers were eventually paid for the month of August.

"We can confirm that the SABC rendered payment, thus enabling Stained Glass to pay the cast and crew their salaries. Filming resumed on Monday morning, 3 September," said Uzalo publicist - Marang Setshwaelo.

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