Vuzu's Fly Chix - Where are they now?

We know what Denise and Takkies are doing but what about the rest?

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Vuzu's Fly Chix - Where are they now?

Every once in a while, we get a set of new faces on our screens but it's very rare that all of them stay the course and conquer the media industry. 

As you've seen by now, we at ZAlebs are quite fond of taking a look back and finding out where some of your favourites have ended up from YoTV and KTV all the way to Vuzu. 

We also see your requests and while we may not yet know what happened to all the people who appeared on Vixens, we can tell you where the Fly Chix are. 

The group experienced some D R A M A while they were still in the lime light and considering the fact that some ladies left the group and had to be replaced, by our count, there had been about five members during the entire duration of the show. 

In this old promo we found, there were even supposed to be a woman named Claire in the group but Lance Sther (of Ghetto Ruff) only knows what happened to her. 

The ladies who eventually made it onto the show were Chanelle, Joy, Takkies, Zeena and Denise. 

We all still know Denise and Takkies as they were lucky enough to keep working front and centre in the entertainment industry. 

Fly Chix - Where are They Now - Denise Zimba

Denise Zimba went on to become a V-Entertainment presenter and she released a single or two while at Vuzu. She then left/ was replaced on the team and moved to a foreign country with her bae but she occasionally comes back to South Africa to work. She is currently working on an M-Net show called 'The Wedding Bashers' and she told us that she will be putting more effort into her music this year. 

fly chix - where are they now - Nkateko Takkies Maswanganye

Nkateko Takkies Maswanganye is the hardest working fly chic of them all. She is a full time professional dancer, dance and fitness instructor and influencer of sorts. 

She has her own travelling series of dance classes called "Rocking in Heels" which teaches women not only how to dance but how to be sexy as well. 

#RockingnheelsNorthRiding and #RockingnheelsCapeTown you guys are next tomorrow night. [email protected]

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And she is planning on getting married to her long time boo, Chris, soon. 

Joy Ragebult also works as a dancer. She often travels across the country and can be seen on shows like Idols as well as at live events. 

Fly chix - where are they now - joy ragebult

Chatter box Zeena Edwards ventured into acting but she also occasionally dances. She had a brief stint on the KykNet soapie, Binnelanders, as a character named Adelyn. 

When she's not working, she travels the globe with her gorgeous girlfriend. #LoveWins

And then there was Chanelle Hoorne who joined the group after Denise's dramatic departure from Fly Chix. 

Chanelle's stint in Fly Chix was short-lived but she has continued to pursue music and currently has a catchy single called "Own It" doing the rounds and it's not bad. She also performed it live on SABC 3 morning show Expresso a few weeks ago to promote her EP called 'Bad Habit'.

It seems as though zi'ryt e'girls and we're happy to see that they're flourishing after the show as well all know how things can take a bad turn if people do not capitalize on their short-lived fame. 

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