Warren Masemola on wanting 10 kids and his girlfriend

SA's most favourite actor speaks on his wish to have had 10 kids and the love of his life.

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It is no secret that when it comes to the Top 10 most loved actors on South African TV screens, Warren Masemola is one of those thespians who are top of mind.

Having won a SAFTA for Best Supporting Actor - TV Drama for his role on etv's The Heist, it is quite surprising that Warren only has two awards to his name. For all the roles he played on TV and Film, this man surely deserves more awards right?


What Warren also deserves is love and a big family which he hopes to one day have. Although he has love, a family is something he's working on even though he had initially wanted a much bigger family whilst growing up.

Speaking on Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast show, Warren spoke about how he always wanted a big family.

"You know when I was very young I thought I would have like 10 children until I started working then I realized that hey, you gotta have a lot of money to have 10 children. But I've been busy working, I've been busy building a career, I've been busy loving, I am in a relationship so it will happen with time, it's always a blessing you can't buy a blessing."

Warren was also asked if he knew the secret to a successful relationship to which he replied that he does not.

"I'm not going to lie to you, I don't have the answer for that but with me, I just love, in my relationship and outside of my relationship. I believe with love in abundance we can conquer a lot because there is love in abundance in the world so if we just focus on that and cut out the negativity we'll succeed."

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Warren Masemola went on to spok fondly about his girlfriend and how happy she makes him feel.

"She's funny man, apart from also being a Taurean, she's really funny, she teaches me a lot. She always gives me the language reference of Sepedi because growing up in Pretoria we speak 'Pitori' so every time I talk to her or her family I always have to go back to Sepedi and speak properly. She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, I cry with her, I celebrate with her and yeah, she's a smile keeper." Said Warren


Warren was also asked if he's ever experienced any negativity from the characters he portrays on TV and he mentioned that the positive responses out weigh the negative once, especially when it comes to his homosexual character - Thoko Chanel on City Ses' Top La.

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"More than anything I get love, so if I rock up in Bloemfontein and realise that there are more homosexuals than heterosexuals there and they embrace me as Thoko Chanel, I'll embrace it back, and get into my Thoko character because it's love."

However, he did mention that he sometimes does get negative responses from a few bad apples in the public.

"The negative would be if I see a bunch of guys or just about anybody and they would say 'Nasi les'stabane saku TV' [Here's that faggot from TV] and I think it's disrespect because I'm not that stabane from TV I'm that actor, because you don't say here's that black President, you say here's the President. Maybe that's the negative part but it has not affected me much, I just wish I could school people but I don't have time to have that conversation because it would then take forever and people just don't want to hear it."

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