Why we love The River’s first season

It's been an epic ride!

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When we first watched The River, we were immediately drawn to the show. Things went from zero to 100 on episode one: Lindiwe buried Tumi alive (they showed scenes from one year ahead), while she and Zolani killed Thato Mokoena after he discovered the big diamond.  

Now, a year later, things are starting to be clearer and it seems we’re getting closer to the part where Lindiwe buries Tumi alive. We didn’t image that things would be so heated on the show, especially considering the fact that it’s only been one year. As we near the end of the first season, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to remind you of all the drama that has happened so far. 

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So, let the review begin.

Lindiwe Dikana and her ruthlessness 

From the very first time we laid our eyes on Lindiwe, it was obvious that she’s the villain on the show. The self-made millionaire, who heads Khanyisa Diamonds, has never hid the fact that she’ll do whatever it takes to get what she believes is rightfully hers. She’s lied, manipulated and even killed, all in the name of keeping her power and money. 

Remember when she killed Thato Mokoena after he revealed that he found a big diamond in the river? Lindiwe, without even thinking twice, decided to kill Thato so that she would keep all the money he would have made from the diamond. 

Who could forget that she killed Flora’s son, Happy, after he discovered the truth about Thato’s death? All these dark deeds were done with the assistance of her nephew, Zolani, who knows all her deep secrets. She doesn’t think twice about getting rid of whoever stands in her way. 

In the current storyline, we’re seeing just how ruthless this woman is. As if witnessing all the murders she’s committed were not enough, Lindiwe is now stooping to a completely new level of low and is determined to evict Refilwe residents out of their homes - just so she can work on a mine. She’s forcefully taking people’s land. 

45 hours of free streaming? We’d definitely watch Tumi lose everything again.

When she lost her father, Tumi Mokoena probably thought this would be the biggest heartbreak of her life. But she didn’t know that months later, her life would turn completely upside down once again. The hard-working young lady found love and married Zolani, and for a while, it looked like they would have their happy ending. 

However, she wasn’t ready for the truth about the family she married into. Just as she was getting settled and becoming comfortable with the idea of being Mrs Dlamini, she came across the truth about her new family - both her husband and his aunt were straight up criminals and were planning to pull off the biggest plan of their life. While she was under the impression that Refilwe community members would get new houses, she was surprised and shocked when she found out that that was all a lie. At first she warmed up to the idea, but later decided to come clean to her family. However, it was already too late. 

Malefu angrily told Tumi that she isn’t her biological mother and that she wants nothing to do with her. Now, as it stands, Tumi has no husband or family of her own. She probably wasn’t prepared for everything to fall apart in her life at the same time. 

The future is uncertain
If there’s one thing we’ve always admired about the Refilwe community, it definitely has to be the fact that they’re a very close group of people. In the last year we’ve seen how these people support each other whenever they’re faced with adversity. In the many times that Lindiwe has threatened their lives, they’ve stood together and made sure that they fight for what’s rightfully theirs. 

However, things have gotten worse and they could potentially lose their homes. Just a few months ago, Lindiwe tricked residents into signing away rights to their land and made bogus promises about building houses for them. They’ve obviously discovered the truth and are now making it clear that they’re not going anywhere. Lindiwe is equally determined to evict them, and has even asked the cops to assist her. 

So, let’s all get ready for more of The River, and here’s to watching it for free if you are a Vodacom customer - three months of Free Showmax and free 15GB to stream it - so sit back relax and let’s get ready for more of The River.

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