Zahara branches into business

Zahara is undoubtedly one of the most newsworthy celebrities in South Africa

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There is always something happening in her life and this time it is positive. The musician has taken the decision to branch into the business sphere. 

She is set to open a taxi business, butchery and a money lending business before the end of this year.


Speaking to Tshisa Live she said, “Loan sharks are doing the wrong thing. They are providing loans and then demanding money back at (a) huge interest (rate). I want to change the way people lend money. It is the same with taxis. I remember riding in taxis and thinking how it could be so much better if one or two things were changed.

Zahara who also wants to open a taxi business said, “I am not scared of taxi violence or anything like that because I have a family member who is involved in taxis and knows all the details of the industry. I want to launch before the November/December transport rush when people go home,” she explained.

We wish her all the best!

Image credit: Instagram/zaharasa

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