Zahara goes platinum in two weeks

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Zahara is making serious moves with her new album, Country Girl.

The new project, which went gold in 24 hours, has now gone platinum. And it was only released two weeks ago! Wow! Her fans are clearly loving her new music!

The news was announced by DJ Sbu on Instagram. Sbu has been pushing Zahara so hard on social media, and it seems like it's working in her favour. 

Speaking about the success of her music on Radio 2000 on Thursday morning, Zahara said: "I feel like people trust in me and they believe in me..." She said that although there was no single released, her fans were just eager to buy the album.  

 "When I sit down and write an album it's not about making hits or something, but I'm telling a story. I feel I have grown, maybe people were looking forward to that growth because they wanna know what's been happening around me." 

She added that people believe in her. "I feel so blessed." 

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