Zahara Ventures Into Business

She is really working hard!

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Award-winning singer and songwriter Zahara has announced that she has ventured into business.
The actress took to her social media platforms to introduce her new haircare range called Country Girl, she said more details about her new journey are yet to come. 

She told IOL that the haircare range is her very first business venture, and she owns 50% of it.

“They called me up while I was singing on stage and said they wanted us to do business and create a haircare range as I had beautiful hair. That is how the journey started. “This is my first baby and comes from me. I used natural ingredients, there are no chemicals in my products,” she told the publication.

Opening up about starting this business, she told the publication: "It wasn’t easy, but you have to wait for God’s timing. I persevered, and now we are here. I now have 46 stores that will carry the product. Working hard pays off...All I ask is for people to go and try the products. They will work.”

Zahara also told the publication that there is a lot more to come from her including perfume and sanitizers.

Fans are already looking forward to trying on Zahara's haircare products, "I cannot wait to try this. My 4c hair is ready for change. #naturalhair @ZaharaSA congratulations!," wrote Theolla congratulating Zahara on Twitter.
Meanwhile, Zahara was called out a few days ago for performing at an EFF event. She took to her Facebook account to react to the backlash following her performance saying, "LOL Being Zahara is hard shame... you not supposed to do anything for yourself but must always do what people want you to do," she wrote.

In another post, she made it clear that no one will tell her which gigs to take or turn down because she's got bills to pay. “At the end of the day, no one will pay for house bond or put food on the table for me. I’m not asking for permission or begging anyone, as long as it’s a paying job, then I’m in. COVID has starved me… Artists weren’t working for the whole of 2020 and this year we work here and there... where was the ruling party when we were hungry.

"They set up an artist relief fund, which benefited their own friends. If you not their friends, you were not getting any. We’re taking every gig this year. We want to put food on the table. Even if DA comes and says we want you, you’ll see Zahara there. Time to please the ruling party is over."

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