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If you are not following these kids you should do so now

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The internet has really widened the entry into the entertainment industry. We've seen many people create a name for themselves through social media until they got recognised as real Zalebs.

What's more interesting now is that we're seeing more and more kids building their brands and creating an audience, mostly under the guidance of their parents.

Nonetheless, we're not complaining because they're giving us the content that we want. Here are 5 celeb babies you should be following on Insta.

1. Sbahle Mzizi

Sbahle Mzizi is definitely the kid to follow, the two-year-old has the best content ever! The cuteness this baby has will make your heart melt. From videos of her learning to speak new words and the dialogues between her and her mom Ntando Duma, Sbahle is the next big thing.
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2. Kairo

Kairo needs no introduction. With just a few followers away from a million, she's the most followed South African kid on Instagram. At just 4-years-old Kairo has done lots of ads and influencer campaigns. She's confident in front of the camera, you can tell that she was born for this.
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3. Valdo

Valdo is the coolest kid in South Africa. Aged just six-years-old the young man has his own song which has been viewed over a million times on YouTube. He's also done high profile interviews on television and radio. And oh, he's also very stylish - check out his page for style inspiration.
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4. Sana Dinwiddy

Sana is the firstborn to London-based SA choreographer and Takkis and Chris Dinwiddy. The two-year-old, who now has a younger sister, Suri, assumed the role of big sister during her mom' pregnancy, supporting her throughout. It was really heartwarming to watch.
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5. Siba Bogopa

Son to Tshepi Vundla and Jr Bogopa, Siba is only two-years-old and has over 40k Instagram followers. The little man is really cute and brings some really fun and engaging content. If you looking at starting an Instagram account for your little one then this is the place to start.
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Picture Credit: Instagram/Sbahle Mzizi

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