ZAlebs that wear promise rings

These celebrities might not be married yet, but they wear rings on their ring fingers.

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Ntando Duma

If there's one finger that cannot go unnoticed on a celebrities finger, it's the ring finger, as many fans anticipate their favorite A-listers to tie the knot. 

However, there are some celebrities that have sparked controversial conversations with them wearing rings on their ring fingers but are either single or just unmarried, and today, we help you find out why.

Here is a couple of ZAlebs that wear rings on their ring fingers but are still unmarried.

Lerato Kganyago owns a ring which she calls her 'dressing ring' however when she wears it, she wears it on her ring finger, but don't get too happy now, in a 2016 instagram story, Lerato made it clear that the ring was not an engagement ring saying:

"Okay, okay, everybody calm down. I've been saying it's a dressing ring. I'm not engaged, I'm still very much single, still ready to mingle..."

Lerato Kganyago

Single and happy mother Ntando Duma has been single for almost a year and a half, after separating with her baby daddy Dj Junior De Rocka, and she's worn a ring on her ring finger for a long time however she says that she wears it as a promise to herself to always stay committed to herself and her career.

"...I bought this ring for R80 at Eldo. I put it on and took pictures with it and people were like 'oh! You are getting married' and I was like 'this is none of your business'. I never feel like I have to explain myself to people. But, yes, I was alone. I bought it for myself. I bought it to signal that I am getting married to myself and my career. It is a symbol of a commitment to myself," She said, speaking to Tshisa LIVE.

Ntando Duma

Rapper JR and stylist Tshepi Vundla's relationship gave birth to their first baby together, however as they are not yet married, JR wears a ring on his ring finger but has said in an interview on WTF Tumi that he wears it to signify something more important than marriage.

"It signifies something else that's more serious...things like happiness and self love, you cannot make someone else happy if you’re not happy..."


We know you might have noticed TV personality K Naomi wearing a ring on her finger, but after disclosing in a recent interview on Metro FM that she is single, do forget about the engagement rumours as she is "very, very very single"

“It’s just a promise ring to’s just a silver ring to myself, I’ve had such a crazy year, I wear just to concentrate on myself, make good money…”

K Naomi

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