JANUARY Top Ten: Best and Worst Moments

the best and worst moments of January 2019

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As the year draws to a close, we're saying goodbye (with a dash of good riddance) to 2019.

But ZAlebs couldn't say its final goodbyes just yet, not without a throwback of all the best and worst moments of the year.

Some of these moments were moments that the country came together and joined forces. These were some of the best moments where the people of Mzansi were being merry and hoo-rayed and occasionly threw shade. And then there were those other moments where...well, they were moments we would rather forget.

So let's not waste another moment and let's start from the top, shall we?

Oh January- a month infamously known as Janu-worry amongst the people of the South. This is always the month of optimism despite the fact that all of Mzansi has spent their bonuses for the festivities the month before.
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10. More problems for Zizo and Mayihlome Tshwete?
While the New Year's Eve hangover is weening off, the New Year's resolutions are still holding strong - unlike this couple who's marital woes seemed to be on everyone's lips - so much so, that it landed them on this months top ten moments list

Former Miss SA Teen & Garnier ambassador Zizo and her husband Mayihlome Tshwete were seemingly in troubled water with their marriage. It was reported that the couple celebrated Christmas seperately and that Mayihlome had moved out of thier family home. The couple has kept us guessing ever since as they have both remained tight-lipped about their relationship status. Have they pulled through? or have they pulled apart?  We may never really know.
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9. Bonang Matheba's body causes a frenzy
While you were gaining high cholestoral and love handles over the festive season (no judgement, us too) the Queen of Everything, Bonang Matheba was gaining millions and breaking the internet with this story...

At this point, the queen can't help it. She is bound to make heads turn and necks break with every move she makes and we can't fault her for it. So instead, we put her on the list. Ay! If you can't beat them, join them.

The media personality has always been gorgeous but she keeps giving the people what they want, by serving us life goals and body goals and frankly, we have no choice but to stan.

And while we've got you ululating and clapping hands, lets give it up for this young romantic who was also in a celebratory mood.
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8. Junior De Rocka celebrates his anniversary
Mhmm, it was all love and rose tinted Ray-Bans for Junior De Rocka and baby mama Ntando Duma at the beginning of the year.

The two love birds were spotted in Thailand making googly eyes and throwing peace signs on their Instagram snaps, while renewing their love for each other  and celebrating their anniversary on an exotic beach.

Lest we forget that this couple had really gone through doing the most on Twitter just days before their trip and had Ntando calling De Rocka out as an abuser and then later; a dead beat for allegedly not paying papgeld. Oh Lord, take the wheel...and drive fast because you know we aren't done with this toxicity just yet, right?
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7. Baby mama drama: Junior De Rocka comes clean
After Ntando called out her baby daddy, Junior De Rocka, for not paying child support, the young DJ took to Facebook to tell his side of the story. Saying that he does pay support, loves his daughter and would do anything for her.

Ntando then mentioned in an interview with Anele that the two were not compatible in their relationship but knows he is an amazing dad.


Bare in mind that it is only the beginning of the year and we've already witnessed this much drama in ZAlebville. 2019 had us by our necks and we had no idea....

Well, before we get in our feelings about all the drama that surrounds this next Zaleb on the list, lets reflect on this good moment that even had some of the haters rooting for him.
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6. Black Coffee builds his mom a beach house
We know, some of you don't even want to say his name, but this good deed cannot go unnoticed.

Black Coffee took the cup for making his mother proud at the start of the year and bought her a beach house. Oh excuse us! we meant to say, DJ Black Coffee built his mother a beach house.

Oh yes, he did that.

But remember when she did this?

5. Nomuzi gets involved in a crash
Nomuzi had all of Mzansi shook when she did this elaborate public service announcement - in an effort to get people to drive responsibly.

Nomuzi took to social media to talk to her fans while in her car and then skkkrr-pa-pa! Cracked glass and no response.

Her fans flooded the internet to gain awareness that the VUZU VJ might be critically hurt and it even got the attention of some of her ZAleb friends; like rapper Rouge - who took to Twitter to ask if anyone could reach her.

Well, the starlet eventually told us that it was just a campaign initiative and a collaboration with another company to get people off their phones and drive responsibly.

Unfortunately, we can't say if Mzansi has fully forgiven this move from Nomuzi. We might still be...a little bit salty.
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4. Itu Bokaba is all grown up
The little girl we've seen on our television sets back in the day, has now come to slay and isn't here to play. No ma'm!

Itu Bokaba dropped some scorcher snaps on her socials and put us in our place-she's not a little girl anymore.
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3. Babes Wodumo drags Nomuzi
So remember when Nomuzi wanted Mzansi to drive responsibly by staging that car accident, while on her Instagram live?

Well, it turns out that some people were not impressed by the stunt (we told you people were still salty about it). Babes Wodumo was one of those unimpressed individuals. She was so perturbed by the scandal that she went straight to her socials and began dragging Nomuzi - no holding back.

This list consists of Twitter verified ZAlebs, but some of the best moments were made overnight from our favourite television shows.

Just like this young lady, who got the Tweeps' heads spinning around.
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2.  #DateMyFamily: Viewers can't stand Queen
Is it even a Sunday evening without #DateMyFamily? This particular Sunday episode of the show got the fans annoyed at the sister of one of the bachelor contestants.

Queen was her name, and fans of the show found her to be hostile to the bachelorette coming for dinner, looking for love - for no reason. The backlash towards her was so hectic that even her hairstyle was dragged all over the Twitter timeline. Geez! Looks like that could be karma.
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1. Zinhle and AKA's fun baecation
It could be that Valentine's Day was rearing its head, but love was definitely in the air with these two.

At a time when their newly rekindled love was all speculation, AKA and DJ Zinhle played at Mzansi's heartstrings by snapping pics of each other on vacation together somewhere remote and romantic.

It looks like Mzansi always wants love to win, no matter what drama unfolds in ZAlebville.

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