Zizo Tshwete on marriage and motherhood

It has been nothing but pure bliss and a learning experience.

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Mrs Tshwete is having the time of her life as a mother and a wife. The TV and radio personality was a guest on Trending SA this week, where she was asked about both roles. 

She said: "I love it, I really, really love it. Sometimes you're a little bit hard on yourself because you're trying to find the balance... He's [her son] is just so awesome, that little guy." 

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Zizo, who has been married for almost two years, said it still feels like yesterday. "Since we started dating I've never felt like it's a drag. We still have fun together, he's my bestie," she said about her husband Mayihlome Tshwete

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She also explained that being a mom and a wife can be a bit challenging. 

"You know what the challenge for me generally has been the balance between the modern and the traditional, 'cause I still want to respect our parents because they're from a different generation, and there are still some values they believe in that I wanna bring into my set up. 

"I mean our parents were married forever, my parents are 33 years in marriage, happily married and that's the operative word 'happily' and I claim it for our marriage as well."

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