Ancestral Calling Will Not Take Away Her Love For Ben 10's

”Even if they take my Ben 10, I will find another one"

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Zodwa Wabantu has embraced her ancestral calling but told various media houses that she will not practice as a sangoma. The exotic dancer made her followers suspicious when she posted a picture of herself wearing traditional attire, in a lake holding animal horns.

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"It makes sense," said her followers when she shared the image because some follow her lifestyle quiet thoroughly and claimed that ancestors tend to make people do certain things out of the ordinary, until they accept their calling.

This is the case with Zodwa, who told TshisaLive that she now knows why she likes walking around naked.

“No wonder I’ve been walking around naked. They make you lose your mind in different ways, so they were taking me out of poverty and gave this kind of life so that I have my fill. They know that’s not the end to me, it’s not my purpose that I have to fulfil," she told the publication.

Zodwa also revealed that her ancestors dictate to her what she can and cannot do or put on her body, and these includes weaves, expensive watches, earring and so forth. She understands why she is different and has not desire whatsoever to be liked by people.

Zodwa clarified that she is not a sangoma, but she is Inkosazana yamanzi.

Her healer spoke with IOL and said she is blessed with the gift of success and that doors open to people who have a gift like hers.

With gifted people in general, there is some sort of discipline that is instilled in them and a way they should conduct themselves, but Zodwa said she will not stop dating Ben 10's and that entertaining her people the way she does.

Speaking to IOL, Zodwa said, “I told them that I love sex. And I won't stop having sex. Even if they take my Ben 10, they must know that I will find another one. I've even asked them not to take my money. Even if they instruct me to stop dancing naked, I'll obey but if they want me to continue making my fans happy so be it. But I've surrendered to the gift.“

More of this gift will be explored and spoken about in Season 3 of Zodwa's reality show Zodwa Uncensord.

Watch Zodwa in action and doing what she loves:

Another star who is a sangoma but is taking a break from practicing is Boity Thulo who shares the same gift with her mother. “I am a sangoma but I haven't been physically practising, it's not a part of my journey as yet. How it works with ancestors is that they need you to sit down and start the work of consulting and that's the path that they put you on then it will come,” she told TshisaLive.

"At the moment everything has just been career-based and my career is growing so in tune and wholeheartedly with ubungoma,” she continued. “My mom is actually the one now who has kind of taken over. She’s the one that consults, she gets clients and it’s wonderful to watch and see and it’s inspiring because at least I have someone to look to when my time comes,” she said.

“My ancestors have placed me on a different platform which is my career and I think when the time comes they’ll tell me and I’ll definitely embark on the practising part,” she added.

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