Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored Season 3 Premiering Soon

Eyes have not seen what Zodwa will be revealing this time

By  | Jan 14, 2022, 07:03 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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There is no denying that Zodwa Wabantu is no stranger to controversy and last year, we saw the socialite and exotic dancer make headlines for just being Zodwa. This year, it seems that the trend continues and eyes have not seen what Zodwa will be showing us this time.

Just recently Zodwa took to her Instagram to share yet another saucy video of her flaunting what her mama gave her and of course of fans doing what they do best; having a feel of the well presented package.

With the video, she announced that she is back to business and will be accepting bookings for 2022. Not only that, the sensational performer also announced that her famous reality show, Zodwa Uncensored will be back on air for Season 3 soon on Moja Love TV.

What seems to have caught the attention of fans however, is when Zodwa mentioned that this year it’s not just her well endowed behind that will be landing her major bookings, but that she will also be showing her fans something they have never seen before. Can you guess what it is?

Taking to her comment section, you can already imagine how hilarious the comments that are streaming in are, with many suggesting that Zodwa opens an only fans account so that they can exclusively enjoy the content that she puts out there.

Of course, there are those who simply do not understand why Zodwa does what she does, but one thing's for sure, this year has started off with a bang for Zodwa and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for Mzansi. 

Just the other day, reports emerged that a warrant for her arrest was issued in Botswana.  She was to be charged with breaking Botswana's laws as well as Humanity Ethics.

This is due to the fact that she dresses revealingly and is a self-proclaimed pantyless dancer who frequently removes her panties on stage, flashes her essentials, and allows people to touch her inappropriately during her performances.

Zodwa then came forward to announce that she had heard of no such thing and it is therefore no surprise that she is promising her fans even more sensational entertainment this year. We can only hope that she doesn’t land in real trouble this time but until then, keep doing you sis!

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