Zodwa Wabantu Kicks Off 'Zodwa Wabantu Eggs"

But only for deliveries.

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Zodwa Wabantu just like last year when the aim was to make money and cement herself as a mogul in the making, it seems the mandate has stayed the same for 2021. Currently, the controversial personality has three ventures that are outside of her live entertainment scope. Two of those businesses have started to take form and as is our social responsibility to highlight black-owned-businesses, let’s discuss how you can help Zodwa mogul-in-the-making Wabantu become Zodwa “Mogul” Wabantu

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The first way is to get a hard-body or live chicken from Zodwa Wabantu. The star announced that she is venturing into livestock and had opted to start with chickens. So the star is currently selling chickens to be slaughtered, or kept as a pet if that is your thing. If you are wondering if the business is doing well? Well, the last time she shared an update on that, Kelly Khumalo was purchasing a chicken, so we will leave it just there…

But recently, a division of the chicken business that has officially gotten off the ground is Zodwa Wabantu Eggs. The good sis had announced venturing into the business at the top of the New Year. Now the business is officially taking orders and has started making deliveries.

Taking to her Instagram, Zodwa detailed the realities of being a small business owner. Currently the business is running from her newly purchased Johannesburg home with a single bookkeeper. Additionally, on the journey towards eventually making the eggs available at supermarkets, Zodwa is only working on deliveries for now. 
Lastly, another project to look forward to is the return of “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored,” Season 2. The Moja Love reality show was one of the first hit shows from the channel. Since then Moja Love has flourished and cemented its own niche with the South African television market. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if the show will manage to compete with the new and trending shows that are regular programming on Moja Love.
But if you think that with all these business and financial ventures that the good sis is entering into, that she will not have the time to surprise us with the comment we have come to love from her- think again. The what should be labelled as our favorite body-positivity ambassador has managed to continue serving content, the most recent the good sis giving us an eyeful of her posterior during her recent spa visit.

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