Watch: Mamkhize Lends A Helping Hand To Zola 7

Mamkhize urges South Africans to show more love to Zola

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A couple of days ago a video of South African Kwaito legend Zola 7 surfaced where he didn’t look like his usual self. This left South Africans worried about his state of health and fans called for South African celebrities to land a helping hand to the legend.
Rich businesswoman and reality television star Mamkhize took it upon himself to help Zola 7. He invited him to one of her properties in Sandton.
She asked the likes of Kenny Kunene, Patrice Motsepe, and Minister Nathi Mthethwa to come together to help Zola 7.
In a video chilling with Mamkhize in one of her Bentleys Zola jokingly said that he was still kidnapped.
“Zola said he always wanted to drive a Bentley so I’m still giving him love while he’s kidnapped. I’m still giving him love. I’m going to still give him love while he still kidnapped.
“So we are going to take one small drive in the Bentley you understand me? #ShowZolaLove,” said Mamkhize.
Zola reminded everyone to go and fill up their tanks tomorrow as the price of Petrol will be going up again tomorrow.
In addition, Mamkhize says that she sees a lot of herself in Zola 7.
“Guys I’ve been telling him today that he is such a solid rock. He always thinks about other people and forgets about himself. It’s time we make him our problem rather than him making all of us his problem.”
In another video, Zola pretends to be lost and held captive by Mamkhize. “Hi this is Zola I’m being kept captive by Mamkhize. South Africa is I get lost please look for me at Sandton,” he says.
Shauwn then urges South Africans to show more love to Zola.
“I’m commanding all of you to show Zola love. Guys this is me sitting with Zola and commanding the whole country to show Zola love. I don’t want you one day to show Zola love when he is no longer here.”
“Spending some much-needed time with my brother @jamazola7. Guys, I just want to encourage all of us to do the right thing especially when it comes to one of our own. Zola is an unsung hero who has been a catalyst for change in our society for many years. Let’s not turn a blind eye. #ShowZolaLove 

 Thank you to my sis @nozipho_ngubo for reminding me of our mothers lessons of ubuntu…ngiyabonga Khabazela,” she captioned the video.
Mamkhize also thanked everyone who contributed to assisting Zola 7. 
“Thank you to those in KZN for raising your hands and contributing to assist our beloved Zola 7. I pray that God blesses your generous hearts and that it doesn’t just stop here.
 More can be done if we come together because izandla ziyagezana!!🤝🤝❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾
@jamazola7 we’ll all be in Durban this Sunday Akere?? Join us if you also want to #ShowZolaLove
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