Zola Hashatsi embraces his sangoma calling

He joins a long list of fellow celebrity sangomas.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zola Hashatsi  | Top of The

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South African television producer and actor, Zola Hashatsi has confirmed that he has finally heeded the call to walk on the road of healing.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Zola shared how it all started after the passing of his grandmother in 2009, where he believed she was/is her protector.

He said: ''I think after my great-grandmother died in 2009, she became my ancestor and was always protecting me from evil things. I should have listened to the call in 2009, but I did not understand it..."

It has always been a belief that for most people that age 30 brings about clarity and growth in one's life. Zola shares the same sentiments as his life came full circle after turning thirty last year.

''I started embracing it more and more. I was honestly not surprised... I still believe in the Lord but I am a child of the soil," he told the publication.

It is always encouraging when celebrities (and ordinary peeps) follow their paths of being healers. The gift of healing can definitely befall anyone.

Main image credit: Instagram/zolahashatsi
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