Dash: The quintessential gentleman

Dash, the leader of the new school of classic men.

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Dash the quintessential man

Known to rock the classiest of threads with a hip-hop demeanor that has most young men looking up to him, Dash has successfuly re-incarnated himself as one of the most stylish South African celebrities of 2016.

In September, Mthoko Mkhathini, known to many as Dash, landed his first ever magazine cover for Sowetan's S Mag. A cover he undoubtedly deserves considering the many times he has served us with his immaculate taste in style.

Since becoming a V-entertainment presenter, we've seen Dash elegantly switch up his hip-hop look for a more elegant style.

ZAlebs caught up with the fine gentleman to find out how his collaboration with his S-Mag came about. 

To our surprise, Dash revealed to ZAlebs that the magazine cover was actually a spontaneous collaboration.

"It was very impromptu, I went for an interview for Sowetan and the editor of S Mag loved my style so she thought it would be cool if they wrote a feature about my fashion sense. When I went in for my shoot they loved the images so much they made it a cover story. God's timing."

Dash the quintessential man

You would think that the way Dash dresses is all thanks to his personal stylist who dresses him up on a daily basis, but according to rapper, he doesn't exactly have one but relies on his own sense of style and other people's contribution to his look of the day.

"Funny enough everyone thinks I've got a style team...I've always had a love for clothes so dressing up has always been fun for me. But I guess I do have a style team...my family, friends & fans they tell what works on me & what doesn't."

You might also think that Dash's favorite item of clothing is a suit, considering how dashing he looks wearing one but according to him, it's the hats that make his outfits complete.

"I'm really loving hats, they are such a cool accessory...they make any outfit come alive. Even when you not dressed up, the moment you throw a hat on, you transform."

Dash the quintessential man

One of our favorite items of clothing from Dash is his lavender boat shoes that he uses to dress up or dress down with, the rapper also expressed that he has a large clothing collection.

"I'm a shoe fanatic, once I fall for a certain silhouette I run with it...I've a lot of shoes from sneakers to brogues, I even have many sandals. All of them come from different stores & shoe outlets."

Dash the quintessential man

We also asked Dash which clothing accessory men should never own and his answer is one we agree with.

"Well, clothing wise, it's really your choice...just make sure you're comfortable. But if I have to say I'm not a fan of Man bags, they just look like you dealing something. Lol"

Dash also has a close relationship with her sister who is also somewhat responsible for his look.

"My sister has always played a huge role in my style growing up...she's always allowed me to be myself but also advise when the fit is off, or the combo is not correct."

 Besides Television Dash definitely has his eyes set on a future in Fashion

"I have a huge love for fashion, merchandising & retail. I even worked at Platinum group (Vertigo) for a few years just to learn more about the industry & business. I'm a qualified Graphic designer those expertise will come in handy."

Dash the quintessential man

Image Credit: Instagram/DashRSA 

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