Tweeps Are Outraged At MaMkhize's So Called GBV Activist Friends

There seems to be no end in sight in this family drama

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Following the recent drama at Shauwn Mkhize's mansion, that has the whole of Mzansi's jaws dropped to the floor. Tweeps are certainly not jumping for joy at the so called Shauwn Mkhize's gender-based violence activist friends silence.

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The cards are already been laid on the table and the whole of Mzansi have had their two cents, following the revelations and secrets told by Sithelo Shozi about her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Andile Mpisane. The accusations leveled against Andile Mpisane that are currently making rounds of social media are damning and Shauwn Mkhize has just made the matter worse by refuting and falsifying all Sithelo Shozi's revelations.

What has angered the social media streets is the silence from the so called gender-based violence activists friends of Shauwn Mkhize, who have not made their stance in the abuse and threats made against Sithelo Shozi by Andile Mpisane. Taking to social media, a number of tweeps are calling out the so called gender-based violence activists, whose silence have shown more support to Shauwn Mkhize's than Sithelo Shozi as a victim in this whole situation.

"Tempted to tag all MaMkhize's friends who claim to be activists kodwa bathule ngoku. But nizothi ndithanda uthetha" wrote Nampree
"Bathuli booooonke that were invited to the thanksgiving, bathuli duuu kodwa bazibiza ngama activists hahaha nxa ey nina" wrote Mxolisi Luke Mkhize

Activists, Nampree has called out a few personalities on Twitter who claims to be activists but have since kept quite in showing support to Sithelo Shozi, following the damning accusations she has made. Mzansi's DJ Olwee has found himself in a crossfire as he is on the receiving end as Nampree is breathing down his neck.

"Olwee You are one person who once came in guns blazing, telling us about how amazing Mamkhize is and how the bullying towards her is unwarranted. You further wrote a thread izolo defending LKG re-bullying. Mamkhize has issued a statement, intimidating and basically bullying Sithelo when we ALL heard the VNs but I haven't seen you calling out Mamkhize or showing any support for Sithelo who is being bullied into silence by this "amazing" woman. Quite weird if you ask me bc you've positioned yourself as someone who speaks against injustices." wrote Nampree
The tweeps are also outraged at the statement that MaMkhize has issued as it discredits and falsify all the damning accusations made by Sithelo Shozi. Tweeps have called Shauwn Mkhize's statement bias and screaming guilty.

"Personally MaMkhize's statement screams guilty, and I just hope Sithelo gets her justice" wrote Chulu
There hasn't been any development to the story apart from the Shauwn Mkhize's latest statement has has gotten social media up in arms. However, social media have really shown nothing but love support and loyalty to Sithelo Shozi following the news of her alleged abused.

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