#UthandoNesthembu: MaYeni puts Musa in his place

This Mseleku wife has clearly had enough. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

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After Musa's request for a fifth wife, you would think that his current wives would be ok with him taking another woman for a hand in marriage, but nope, these ladies aren't hearing it. Especially MaYeni.

Gone are the days when MaYeni simply sat amongst the other wives, playing Candy Crush whilst listening to her husband's requests or demands. 

She is now a wife we're starting to believe, does not enjoy being in a polygamous marriage and if what's written on her t-shirt has anything to go by, then we're right.

F.Y.I - the t-shirt is written 'I don't like polygamy' in case you were wondering.


Mseleku had first called on two of his wives - MaCele & MaKhumalo to let them know about his interest in taking a fifth wife, this obviously did not settle well with MaCele especially.

Her response to his request was rather cold.

Then he went on to address his other wives MaYeni & MaNgwabe with the other two all together.

And all we can remember was MaYeni's many valid question and that "uhlekani?" question.

Oh, in case you missed the "uhlekani" part here it is.

Wow! MaYeni did not come to play games.

And of course, the Twitter reactions were lit.

Yep, that Candy Crush game was just a buffer of what MaYeni is capable of when she's not in agreement about a certain topic that involves the family. 

Oh, and apparently the fifth wife is known amongst the community in Port Shepstone where the Mseleku family lives. But we'll take this new revealment with a pinch of salt.

What were your thoughts on Thursday night's show?

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@MzansiMagic

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