Uzalo Addresses attacks on people living with Albinism

Uzalo tackles social issues with it's latest storyline

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

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Uzalo’s latest storyline turns its attention to the increasing scourge of attacks on people living with Albinism in South Africa. 

According to a recent statement released by the show, Uzalo scriptwriters have crafted a storyline that in the next few weeks, will raise awareness about the killings of people living with albinism.

The award-winning show has been consistent in its commitment to speaking about social issues, and with this story arch, the writers have embarked on a storyline that explores the killings of people living with albinism. According to a statement released by Uzalo, it was found that in South Africa, the majority of these killings take place in Kwa Zulu Natal and Mpumalanga.


In the final week of August, viewers witnessed the Mthethwa family entering the Uzalo universe.  The Mthethwa family unit comprises of Baba Mthethwa and his daughter Khwezi, both of whom are living with albinism, and the matriarch, Gogo Mthethwa, played by the talented Keketso Semoko. 

The scriptwriters have revealed the storyline will see the family entering Kwa Mashu after fleeing from their home village in Manguza, where a million Rand bounty has been placed on Khwezi’s head as part of a human trafficking syndicate that targets people living with albinism. 


The storyline will explore the difficulties experienced by people living with albinism and work to debunk the various myths that surround them. “Taking on this angle in our storyline has been a huge and emotional learning curve.” Says Mmamitse Thibedi, Uzalo’s Executive Producer.  “People living with albinism are under enormous threat and there is little institutional support to address the unique issues they face. 

Mmamitse mentioned that the crew was fortunate enough to work with an activist from the community who has given them valuable insights for the storyline. Mmamitse and the rest of the Uzalo cast hope that the storyline will reflect the issues appropriately and help create awareness to dispel the harmful myths that endanger the community.

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