#WCW: Tall Women Appreciation

Because it’s #WomanCrushWednesday, let’s take a look at some of the ladies in entertainment who stand tall above us all.

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There is nothing against short women at all, in fact, some guys actually prefer petite women over tall ones. Often women are looked at as more intimidating when they’re tall, It’s like a tall woman will slap you or something.Taller women often naturally fall into the “she must be a model” category, it’s almost a given that people with think you belong in a magazine.

Taller women often naturally fall into the “she must be a model” category, it’s almost a given that people will think you belong in a magazine.

Growing up vertically advantaged often means always desperately trying to fit in by slouching and not even looking twice at a pair of high heels let alone consider wearing them in public. It may be hard being taller than the average female but there are some perks of being the “tall girl”.

  • You never get lost in the crown, you’re always easy to find

  • You can probably wear your partner's sneakers, that way you’re sho closet has basically doubled

  • You can always meet your partner halfway for a kiss, he doesn’t have to break his back to reach you. Plus you can hug him just the way you like, right around his neck

  • Your legs go on for days. Long legs look great in anything, plus other women envy you for them

  • You are the perfect height for hand holding

  • People are naturally intimidated by you which could be good or bad. It’s good because people won’t come at you sideways because they naturally assume you’re good at throwing hands.

  • You hardly ever have to worry about hemming clothes, chances are if it’s your size, it’ll just fit well.

  • Always getting attention. This is good if you’re a bold person who loves to be seen.You don’t have to do much to get noticed, just stand up and walk.

Here’s a list of some of the tall ladies in entertainment.

Ayanda MVP

Loot Love

Lean like a G when you're in a G-Star RAW pant. 👖🌻🌟r #gstarelwood 📸: @iampaulward

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Thembisa Mdoda

Thembisa Mdoda - Classy Lady

Zikhona Sodlaka

Ntando Kunene-Mthethwa

Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala

Celeste Ntuli

Celeste Ntuli

Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle Mpisane
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