What we've come to learn about Thuli & Andisiwe's exit from Generations

Generations The Legacy fans were never ready for Mfundi Vundla's decision.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM 

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Thuli and andisiwe

Thuli and Andisiwe are probably the most loved characters on the SABC 1 soapie. More especially Thuli,  as she's had some very memorable moments on the show. Remember how she got most men in the country wrapped around her finger after her butt was shown one particular scene?

So you can only imagine the shock fans went through after its Executive Producer - Mfundli Vundla confirmed that he'd be writing off its characters Getty (Andisiwe) and Namhla (Thuli)

Speaking to Drum magazine, Mfundi explained why he has decided to write off the two characters.

He said:

"In taking the show and story forward, it does happen that once in a while certain characters need to be written out to remain authentic to the story we are telling at that particular time."


Which in fairness does make sense, there's nothing as dull as a character who just does not fit into a storyline anymore.

In good news, Mfundi also explained that he is in search of new talent in order to keep the soapie fresh and appealing to the market.

"We have had auditions with new talent to help us find out who is available in the industry. There have been great people who we'd like on the show and we will be creating new characters for them."


Contrary to the rumours running amok about the two actresses getting fired from the soapie. Mfundi further on explained to Drum that the two ladies were not fired but that their roles on the show had just reached the end.

"We did not expel Andisiwe and Thuli, but we had come to the conclusion that there was nothing more we could do with their characters. And if you don't have a good storyline you are forced to let sometimes let some people go."

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