What you need to know for the Pretoria Neon Run

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

It’s just days to go till the most glow in the dark fun you’ve yet to experience!

In case you missed all the important info for this glowing event be sure to visit our website www.neonrun.co.za and check out our FAQ for all the ins and outs.



NB: Please note that there are will be no card machines or ATM’s on site!!

How does it work?

Everyone receives their glow packs before the event. There will be options to paint or buy more glow material in the festival zone. The race will start and everyone will enter through our different neon light worlds en route. Prepare to be dazzled, amazed and entertained!

Can children run?

Of Course, all ages can glow neon together! 11 and under only R90!!

The 5km run is at your own pace

Whether you want to sprint to the end or just take a stroll you can do the 5km race at your own pace – there is no time limit! Due to the number of individuals participating, this does naturally slow down the pace of the run. But if you want to run fast make sure you get there early to get to the front of the crowd.

Is this event for over 18s only?

Definitely not , The Neon Run is for all ages and caters for the whole family.

Can I bring my bike/skate board etc?

PLEASE DO , this event is for all modes of transport , run, cycle, walk the route. Remember that there are no lock up facilities so to be safe lock your bikes etc in your cars once you have completed the race.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

We have a fully stocked bar and a variety of food vendors so for this reason no food or drinks will be permitted into the venue.

Do I need to collect anything prior to the race?

All you need to do is bring your ticket along on the event day. you will be given your entry wrist band and along with some free goodies at the door. No race bag collection or registration takes place before the event.

Can we buy neon paint at the Neon Run?

We will have a great neon store for you to purchase neon paint and other glow in merchandise. The Neon paint is R20 for one tub or R100 for all six colours.

What do we have to wear?

The dress code is fun! So wear what makes you comfortable but do mix it up and come as neon and glow in the dark as possible. We have some awesome prizes for the best dressed so get creative!!!!!

Do I have to do the run?

We would never force you to do something you didn’t want to BUT the run is half of the fun, we will have 4 light worlds on route and we would hate for you to miss out on this. If you’re not up for running why not take a slow stroll through the route?

OH NO I can’t make it to the Neon Run anymore, what do I do with my ticket?

You can’t make it!!! That does suck but never fear , you can always give your ticket to a friend , no name change needed. Although you will regret not coming.

Where do I park for the event?


There is plenty parking next to the stadium with friendly marshals to assist you , parking is charged at R50 and is secure though out the entire event.

Tickets will be on sale at the gate for R250 per person and are subject to availability. Alternatively you can still purchase tickets at www.neonrun.co.za or www.quicket.co.za