Fans Enjoy A Different Side Of Zahara

Was she drunk or just being her goofy self?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Zahara 

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Social media could not get enough of Zahara as the star went on Instagram live and showed off her goofy side.

The musician had a fun session with her fans when they suggested songs she should sing. She then attempted to sing the national anthem and it did not go as expected.

Her botched attempt to sing the Afrikaans part of the anthem is what amused fans even more.

During the live session, Zahara seems jovial as she goofed up most of the songs her fans requested her to sing. She can be seen holding her forehead many times, leaving many people to assume that she was intoxicated.

When the trolls came for the Loliwe hitmaker, fans quickly came to her defense, warning people to stop assuming that she was drunk when it was just innocent fun.

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