A Cartoon based on SA Hip Hop?!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

We have to be honest, even with all the creativity in the ever evolving musical community that is the South African hip hop scene, one thing we never expected to see was a group of talented cartoon creatives documenting the lives of local rappers and their fast paced lives. PhaaToonz camp has released a one minute skit featuring teargas members Ma-E and K.O

Though the duration of the video is short, it was humorous to see how the voice over artists emulated K.O’s mannerisms to the tee. From the way he delivers his punchlines to his signature giggle, Phaa Toonz is a camp to look out for come 2015. Apparently there are more of these skits to come in the near future.

All content was created and developed by the PhaaToonz camp.