Is Black Coffee Upgrading From Enhle?

DJ Black Coffee in cheating drama.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Whilst some are enjoying their marriages, others are anticipating the delivery of their divorce papers on their door step.

Could SA's power couple Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee are headed to splitsville? Well the internationally acclaimed music producer and DJ was trending on Twitter for receipts that have hit the Internet for allegedly cheating on his award winning actress, Enhle Mbali, after years of being together.

Now that the rumor mill has caught hold of the story, FBI twitter is on the job. Photos of the alleged woman's social media posts with Black Coffee were shared on Twitter.
source: @cathyguetta on instagram

The woman in question is Cathy Guetta who happens to be David Guetta's ex wife.  Proving just how deep familiarity runs with these two, Cathy referred to him as "My Nathi", which happens to be Black Coffee's real name. The 53 year-old has multiple posts with the DJ spanning back over two years.

But many argue that they could be close colleagues. Cathy Guetta is a very prominent discothèque manager, events organizer, socialite, and actress. She has many connections in to the music industry as she used to manage her ex-husband, David Guetta, and has been credited for being a huge part of his success today. Cathy took on Black Coffee as a client a couple years ago and has helped him book a bunch of shows in the European DJ-ing circuit that have been a major boost in his career.

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This may be a professional working relationship that grew in to a close friendship, as many do, but Twitter thinks it's gone way past that!

Below are just some of the spicy posts that highly curious Tweeps posted on Twitter.

Strong allegations regarding Black Coffee's wandering eye have been circulating multiple times over the years. Multiple women have claimed to have been romantically involved with Coffee, but the DJ has naturally declined them.

As this becomes a bigger story, will the couple come out and clear the air soon?

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