A-Reece Finally Shows Off New Music

A-Reece fans are over the moon

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | A-Reece 

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A-Reece's fanbase is over the moon after the rapper finally dropped new music this weekend. The Boy Doing Things had gone on a quiet hiatus during which his fans didn't hear much from him on social media, and he certainly didn't release any new music.

But that wait came to an end over the course of the past weekend when he performed some brand new material at Cotton Fest 2020. The festival, which boasted an all-star lineup of urban musicians, was rocked when A-Reece made a rare public appearance (by recent standards at least). The rapper got the crowds in a frenzy when he showed off new material which was captured on video.

Take a look:
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The reaction from loyal A-Reece fans (and I must stress, there are plenty), was one of excitement. The new music has been a long time coming and fans had already been counting down to the third of February (today, at the time of writing) when A-Reece had promised to drop some music.
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A-Reece was hyped at Cotton Fest. Those who were in attendance witnessed a special moment as, even after the music cut, he still continued to perform. One fan described what went down when he said,

"this is after the A-Reece shut down performance, fans chanting his name and he's mad (check the hand gesture) because they cut him down, he wanted to preview another new song "fuck it, let me play y'all another one I don't care", the sound cut, he wasn't done."

It seems as if after a long hiatus, A-Reece is ready to make a return in 2020. While we patiently wait for the first official single of his next wave of work, here is a teaser we can all listen to and enjoy:
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