Ntate Kganyago Asks For Jacobie’s Hand In Marriage

She said YES!

By  | Dec 03, 2022, 06:55 AM  | Sello Maake Ka-Ncube  | Drama

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Ntate Kganyago and Jacobeth’s relationship has been a rather interesting one.
Kganyago first came to the fold as an innocent South African man who sought assistance at Turfloop hospital.
A professor at a University in Norway, or at least that is what he led people to believe, Kganyago appeared as an innocent Nobleman.

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He formed a relationship with Elizabeth Thobakgale, Jacobie’s daughter who’s a doctor at Turf Hospital after alerting her about a scammer who almost became her love interest.
As a token of thanks,  Lizzy invited Kganyago over to her house for dinner as soon as he laid eyes on her mom, it was love at first sight.
As fans of Skeem Saam, we were all happy to see Jacobie finally finding love. Kganyago appeared to have intentions of making her the happiest woman on earth.
However, those impressions started to quickly fade as we got to know him better. After moving into their home and making Elizabeeth uncomfortable, Kganyago insisted on saying by manipulating Jacobeth.
What’s worse is that he has forced Jacobie to turn her back on her only daughter Lizzy. 
Kganyago has also been pressuring the former Turf High principal turned Sepdi teacher to take early retirement, despite only being left with a year and is at the risk of forfeiting all her benefits.
This has led Skeem Saam viewers to conclude that Kganyago is not who he says he is. The fact that he is so determined to make Jacobie take early retirement proves that he is desperate for money.
It also seems like he is not the renowned professor he claims. When professor Maputla was contacting Kganyago’s references all the numbers were unavailable. It turned out that they were non-existent and it was all fake.
In the recent episode of Skeem Saam, he has gone down on one knee and asked for Jacobeth’s hand in marriage and she said yes. Viewers are scared he will swindle her of all her life savings and the proposal is just a front to convince her to retire.
Veteran actor Sello Maake KaNcube has shared a video of him getting his wife's name inked on his ring finger. He is married to Pearl Maake KaNcube and they celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary just recently. The lovely couple met at Letoya Makhene-Pulumo and Lebo Kweswa's engagement party. 
“On this day two years ago, I met a lady who would end up being the love of my life. My wife, my friend, my business partner, and my manager. We laugh and cry together, but most importantly, we are walking this journey together. If there has ever been a person who has my back, it has to be Mma Mbewe,” gushed Sello on Instagram. 
Just recently he inked her name on his wedding ring finger, inking his love for her. "I’m wearing my heart on my finger!" he gushed. 

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