Akhumzi Jezile Foundation Launches A Driver's License Campaign

This will help learners to become qualified drivers

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Akhumzi Jezile 

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The late TV host and Producer, Akhumzi Jezile foundation has embarked on a new campaign to assist students in obtaining valid driver's licenses this year. 

The "Get Your License" campaign is set to fund learners’ licenses as well as driver’s liceses for pupils who are currently in grade 11.

A driver's license plays a significant role in securing employment opportunities, so much so that it has become a qualification of some sort, but doesn’t come cheap. The Foundation will come forth to help students to become qualified drivers.

The foundation was launched last year in April with an objective to tackle the scourge of road fatalities and  create awareness to change road users' behaviors by providing them with support to make smart road choices. 

The most prominent violations on the roads that have been perceived over the years include: speeding, driving an unroadworthy vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving unlicensed vehicles, hence the campaign  educates road users to be cautious on roads a drive safely. 

Akhumzi, along with friends Siyasanga Kobese, Thobani Mseleni and two others were involved in a horrific head-on collision after they were reportedly travelling to a family event in the Eastern Cape. The crash occurred outside Queenstown after a truck that was carrying a car had lost control and swerved into Akhumzi and his passengers.

In a video posted by the foundation on Twitter, one of the late Akhumzi’s close friends, Musa Mthombeni, shares details on how the campaign will work.

“The campaign is open to the Gauteng Province only. Applicants must be in Grade 11, write a 500-word essay on road safety and motivating why having a driver’s licence is important for you.Send an email to: [email protected] of ID your & residential address,” the caption reads.

Dr Musa Mthombeni says having a drivers licence is no longer a nice to have, “It’s actually become something that you have to have because of a lot of employers are actually looking for that special skill, that extra something that you may have that will put you above and beyond the other guy that they may be trying to hire.”

Full details of the Get Your Licence On Campaign will be updated on the Akhumzi Jezile Foundation’s social media pages, including how you can participate as an individual.

The Foundation is also asking all road users to make a pledge towards making smarter road choice, emphasizing that safety is all about you. If you act in an unsafe manner it could affect your family, friends, work and yourself.

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