ALS Ice bucket challenge flops

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

The ALS ice bucket challenge has been swooping the whole of America by storm; however there are some challenges that have become a complete flop. One person who has been consistently rubbing people up the wrong way for the past two weeks is America's sweetheart turned bad girl - Miley Cyrus.  Miley and her brother accepted the ALS bucket challenge but instead of pouring water the siblings collected a bucket of what seemed to either be cereal or sand. Although she posted the video as a joke, people who have been following this cause were not impressed with Miley's fooling around. We agree with them, this was such a basic act by the singer. 

Vin Diesel, on the other hand, took things to the extreme. Now this is how we know that he’s a true action hero, who on earth throws a bucket of ice-blocks over themselves then has the audacity to challenge Russian president Vladimir Putin!? Only Vin, the pose at the end of this video is so official.

It’s not only the celebrities who have decided to waste a bucket full of water on video, civilians have started joining in (Especially those from America). Here's a compilation video of the worst ALS bucket challenges. We're so shocked at how some of these American kids can't even pick up a bucket of water.