All The Times Simphiwe Ngema Made The Pages Of ZAlebs

Here is everything you need to know about one of Mzansi's sweethearts.

By  | Aug 12, 2020, 05:38 PM

 Actress Simphiwe Ngema is one of Mzansi's most loved celebrities and her pregnancy announcement has fans once again rooting for the actress.

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As Mzansi celebrates the lovely actress, we took a trip down memory lane to all the times, Simphiwe has been featured on the pages of Zalebs.

1. Simphiwe Ngema: I was a tomboy

2. The secret man in Simphiwe Ngema's life

3. Has Simphiwe Ngema found the one?

4. Simphiwe Ngema on leaving Muvhango

5. Muvhango's Simphiwe Ngema reminisces

6. Simphiwe Ngema is not for sale

7. Did Simphiwe Ngema and Dumi Masilela get married?

8. Simphiwe Ngema is now on Greed & Desire

9. Greed & Desire's Simphiwe Ngema on being on good terms with people in the industry

10. Simphiwe Ngema and Dumi Masilela's traditional wedding

11. Watch: Simphiwe Ngema breaks into song at Dumi Masilela's memorial

12. Rhythm City and Simphiwe Ngema's tribute to Dumi Masilela

13. Watch: Simphiwe Ngema shares a heartbreaking video of her late husband

14. Simphiwe Ngema is writing a book

15. Simphiwe Ngema on Dumi: I think he knew he was going to die

16. Simphiwe Ngema's new gig

17. Simphiwe Ngema's toned body

18. Simz Ngema bares it all

19. Simphiwe Ngema on mourning, dreaming again and moving on

20. Simphiwe Ngema bags a big role

21. Simphiwe Ngema is set to release her late husband's posthumous album

22. Snaps: Simphiwe Ngema's sexy photoshoot

23. Dumi Masilela's memory lives on: Celebs show love to Simphiwe Ngema

24. Simphiwe Ngema on purpose and staying strong

25. Simphiwe Ngema on her happily ever after

26. WATCH: Simphiwe Ngema On How She Lets Pain Out Of Her System

27. Simphiwe Ngema's New Endorsement Deal

28. Simphiwe Ngema Biography: Age, Husband, Wedding, Song, Hairstyles, TV

29. Simphiwe Ngema Is Ready To Let Go

30. How Simphiwe Ngema Is Moving On

31. Pretty Hurts!

32. Simphiwe Ngema Celebrates Registering New Home With A Powerful Message

33. Simphiwe Ngema Lands New Acting Gig

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