Coronavirus: Fun Things To Do While Self-Quarantined And Social Distancing Today

No coronavirus formed against your Sunday mood shall prosper.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Amanda du-Pont 

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This has been a very sad week for the masses in Mzansi, as the outbreak of coronavirus continues to take a toll. From events being cancelled left right and centre, to travel bans being implemented by the President of the Republic to alcohol curfews being implemented and the negative response the virus has caused on some of our ZAlebs lives. From Amanda Du Pont's selfish vacation to Turkey, to Ntsiki Mazwai's weird advice, to Llala's fed up attitude, Thando Thabethe's displeased reaction to the alcohol ban, which most of would agree with and finally Masechaba's epic Twitter fail.

But no coronavirus formed against our weekend mood shall prosper. They always say that there is a silver lining in everything, While you are self-quarantined, and social distancing, you can still keep your self busy and entertained even indoors. 

This is the time to also be considerate on how you spend your money because tough times are probably still coming, people are losing their jobs and several businesses have even shut down. 

This week Police Minister Bheki Cele, implemented some on strict measures on establishments selling liquor, going as far as saying on weekends, alcohol sales will be prohibited after 1 PM, which left many people who consume alcohol shooketh!

We know that you are probably breathing through the wound with this rule but, there are still ways to tackle boredom, while you are on isolation If you probably needed something to brighten up your day or some positivity, ZAlebs has got your back with 5 activities you may engage on, to pass time and kill boredom during isolation or lockdown.

1. Read.

You can read books or online news, and Please!!! not forgetting ZAlebs- your number one-stop-shop for the latest juiciest and freshest celebs gossip right? This helps to refresh your mind and get your day going. 

2 Cook.

Making a mouthwatering meal takes time and passion if you are a foodie, hence you can make your favourite Sunday dish filled with love and tremendous passion, adding up to the great aroma. It's Sunday guys sbwl to see those Sunday dishes.

3 Indoor exercises. 

We know that some of you are now on the verge of becoming couch potatoes, so get up and fetch your body, you can exercise Indoors. Those squats and exercises can shape your body. Don't forget to mediate too, it helps a lot with mental health. 

4. Watch Movies and News.

Stay updated with the latest news around the world and what measures have been put in place to deal with the outbreak of the virus, you know the president made an announcement last Sunday, history might even repeat itself while you not aware so get updated it's very important. 

You can also watch your favourite movies to stay entertained because Sundays are all Netflixing right?

5 Self-pampering and grooming.

You can also get that face glow with your facials, guys don't forget to groom so that you can look dapper and clean when you step out and also don't forget to wash your hands and practice those enhanced hygiene practices.

Happy Sunday our favourite ZAlebs.

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