Ann Malinga: 'Why are women such experts when it comes to widows?'

She's had enough of the know-it-alls of this world

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Ann Malinga 

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Anne Malinga

Ann Malinga, who lost her husband, legendary music producer and singer, Robbie Malinga almost a year ago has had her fair share of judgement from people since his death. 

Although Ann has previously ignored these critics, she has decided to come out and ask a burning question about women and their obsession with how another woman should live her life once she's become a widow.

She shared a video on Instagram and asked: "I wanna know right, why are women such experts when it comes to widows and how to behave, and how to start dating, when to look sad and happy?  How many husbands did you lose to be such an expert?" Many of her followers praised her after she asked the question. One even shared how she was also subjected to such criticism when she lost her partner.

"...Omg Ann... you are my hero... you said it well.... I lost my partner in 2016, and suddenly people thought they could tell ME how to behave when I can cry, when I can go out and so forth," the follower wrote. 

When her teenage son, Robbie Malinga Jnr was criticised for taking over his late father's Instagram account, which he now uses to show off his rather extravagant lifestyle, Anne came to his defense. She shared: "Love them so much that they don’t feel the need for society’s approval of who they truly are. Don’t raise children that feel the need to please society to fit in or try hard to be liked, raise Confident God-fearing children NOT Society fearing low self-esteem children."

Whoa! What a way to tell people to mind their own business.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AnnMalinga

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