Annie Ready To Cut Off LaConco Completely?

LaConco is accused of lying about "Petal"

By  | Apr 08, 2022, 11:53 AM 

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It's drama galore in the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), and we love when the housewives expose each other because there's just so much juicy content.

This week's episode of the show sure made us reach for the popcorn, as there was plenty of drama surrounding LaConco and her “Petal.” The baby mama of former president Jacob Zuma is accused of lying about Petal owning a yacht and being wealthy.

In this week’s episode Annie Mthembu had organized a getaway trip for the ladies to explore Sun City, and the trip was nothing short of drama. Jojo claimed to have insider information on who Petal is. Petal's identity or existence has been keenly anticipated by viewers.

She told Annie that Petal is apparently not as wealthy as they were made to believe ,and he does not own a yacht. Petal is LaConco's new bae and she constantly boasts about her on the show, but the ladies feel she doesn't share much about him.

They even accused her of buying her own flowers. This follows after Petal surprised her with a bouquet of flowers. The ladies claimed Petal does not even exist, claiming that she bought the flowers on her own.

Jojo did state that she did not want LaConco to be confronted with the information but Annie betrayed her and asked LaConco. Annie said she is not comfortable being around a person who lies. She promised Jojo that she won't let it slip to anyone, but she cannot promise when it comes to LaConco.

In true Annie style, Annie invited LaConco to clear the air since there was animosity between them. She spoke about what Jojo and her husband know about Petal and it appears that LaConco wasn’t surprised at all nor unbothered.

LaConco said all the information is new to her and does not concern her. Annie said she is ready to cut  LaConco off because she apparently lies. "I am very happy after this trip to cut LaConco off completely.”

LaConco has found herself  getting dragged on numerous occasions for not opening up much about her private life. According to one Twitter user, LaConco is average along with her life and her claim to fame is bearing a child for "Ubaba".

“That gave her fame, and not wealth. The Real Housewives team thought we’d be interested in her and not request to see me. Because they are helping her hide her true life.” This comes after many incidents where LaConco has refused to host the ladies in or show her own home in the show although she is always unimpressed with the other ladies’ events and hosting skill"

After being constantly questioned about her relationship with former president Jacob Zuma. She recently opened up in an emotionally charged conversation with fellow housewife Sorisha.

LaConco was overcome with emotion as she told her that she does not believe the emotional scars she endured in her marriage with Jacob Zuma would ever heal. “The position I am in… I found love and I stayed true to that love. Unfortunately, there were people who had an interest in that love and made it a public thing when it was not my intention,” she told Sorisha.

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