#Skeem Saam: Rachel The Runaway Bride

She couldn't handle it

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

SABC 1 officially invited its viewers to witness Skeem Saam’s most awaited wedding of Rachel Kunutu and Marothi Maputuma.

In the soapie, Rachel and Marothi’s wedding plans have been facing a lot of challenges; from not finding an available venue, bridesmaids, Marothi’s arrest and Rachel’s mother's determination to stop the wedding by any means necessary.

However, besides all the obstacles, the wedding finally aired last night.

Tweep couldn't wait to watch Rachel finally get married

Some, however, suspected that something was going to go horribly wrong at the wedding.

In a dramatical turn of events, Marothi's long-time friend - Levison Mkwandawire returned to the country to expose Marothi. For what you may ask? 

Well, after years of trying to figure out what happened to his love (Angie) who was initially married to Marothi, Levison finally figured out that Angie was murdered by Marothi. Upon this realisation, Levison returned to the country to expose Marothi for his evil ways.

Levison confronted Marothi and told him to cancel the wedding or he would be forced to expose Marothi's dark past in front of all the guests at the wedding.

Did Marothi listen? Nope, he didn't.

Rachel was also made aware of Levison's return to the country and that made her feel tremendously unsettled as she knew that Levison was bad news for her and Marothi.

Although Marothi tried to stop Levison from entering the wedding venue, his attempts failed, as Levison and Angie's brother sat amongst the guests ready to hang Marothi's dirty laundry for all to see.

As Rachel and Marothi stood at the altar, ready to exchange their vows, Rachel caught a glimpse of Levison and immediately began panicking.

Hot and flustered Rachel became increasingly nervous to the point that she picked up her wedding gown and left Marothi at the altar as she ran for her life?

Her runaway bride stunt was hilarious, but what was even more hilarious were the reactions from the viewers as well.

Like seriously, where was she running off too with those heels on?

Yep, this best describes how Rachel looked as she tried to avoid the drama that was about to unravel. The irony is, she caused more drama by running away like that.

Rachel likes playing dangerous games.

The Skeem Saam cameraman did Rachel dirty, he or she is in the same WhatsApp group as the cameraman on Date My Family.

We can't wait to see where Rachel ran off to in this evening's episode of the show.

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