What Azania Mosaka knows for sure

There is something greater out there

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Azania Mosaka 


If someone asked you what you know for sure, what would you say? It’s not an easy question to answer. However, as we’ve seen with people like Oprah over the years, there are some things that you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Azania Mosaka recently sat down for an interview with The Bar magazine, where she was asked, among other things, what she knows for sure.

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In the interview, which was shared on YouTube, she said: “I know for sure that there is something greater out there. And it’s like that leap of faith, it’s like this abstract thing, but it’s almost like soul-knowing or your body knowing, you know. So, reaffirms, and it keeps reaffirming. I’m at a point where I know that for sure.”

A few months ago, Azania was announced as the new presenter for Real Talk, replacing Anele Mdoda. She has been doing an amazing job and viewers can’t get enough of her.

After joining the show, she told TshisaLive that she’d use her own style to win viewers over.  

"I am very passionate about having real conversations with ordinary South Africans who are doing extraordinary things. I feel like this is a great platform to tell stories that don't often come to the fore,” the radio and TV host told the site.

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