Zenande Not Pressured To Lose Pregnancy Weight

She will not conform to societal pressures

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Zenande Mfenyana has made it clear that she will not conform to societal pressures that pressure women into losing weight after giving birth. The mother just gave birth to her baby girl and is taking care of her daughter as well as her well-being, regardless of what some women think.

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Letting the cat out of the bag, the actress announced that she has given birth to a baby girl but will not be putting pressure to snap-back into her body pre-baby as she will be allowing herself some time to heal.

"I’m taking it one day a time with my body.  I certainly will not put myself under unnecessary pressure for the snap back culture. One sit-up a day is better than no sit-ups at all," Zenande declared.

She added by saying, "I’ve been focused on fully healing and I refuse to succumb to the pressure of snapping back at the expense of my health. My focus now is my well-being, and my daughter's."

Despite the interrupted sleep patterns, she is focusing on being the best mother she can be to her daughter.

"When I was pregnant, I was focused on finding as much info on raising a healthy baby," she said.
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After announcing her pregnancy, Zenande started taking us through her journey to motherhood, however, some fans started trolling her for the changes on her body caused by the pregnancy. After being subjected to some bullying, she then started sharing very little about her pregnancy. She even remained silent about her delivery.

A woman slid into her DMs and gave her unsolicited advice on how to deal with people mocking her pregnancy look.

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Angered by this woman, Zenande clapped back and told her that her message was not welcome.

"I never said I'm not embracing my pregnancy. Just cause you laugh about it I don't find any of it funny at all. Please keep your opinion to yourself next time," she responded.

The last update we got was from two weeks ago when Diella Reaux's Instagram account, a fashion label by Zimbabwean designer Rumbidzai Ngwarai, revealed that the baby shower took place recently. They shared video footage of the white and gold beaded dress which the actress wore at her baby shower. Her fans have been raving about it ever since.

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