Boity Gives Ntsiki A Hot Slap

Will she ever recover?

By  | Apr 05, 2021, 03:01 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo 

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Are AKA and Ntsiki trying to come for Boity? Clearly a few celebs are not here for her recent power move.

Ntsiki took to social media to blast celebs for starting alcohol brands without any degrees.

"All your celebs have booze but no educational degree"

Boity caught wind of it and told her to eat her heart out with a cheeky cheers and kept it moving.

On the other hand AKA took to his Twitter to also shade SA celebrities with alcohol products. This comes just a day after Boity announced her new alcohol brand BT Signature. 

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He tweeted: “Any SA celebrity with an alcohol product, you’re welcome. I single handily built this industry, and that’s facts

AKA’s tweet may have been innocent but some tweeps felt like he was coming for Boity. @Sharon- Letlape responded: “You just couldn’t swallow it could you? but we are here now. Black women are breaking walls and entering in spaces patriarchs like you never thought they would @Boity Congratulations again QUEEN!”
Tom wrote: “Boity catching stray bullets”

The responses were divided as others concluded that AKA was coming at all celebrities who own alcohol products. @VuyoFanta responded: “ give credit to others when it's due Thinking face. Bonang did it best, Khuli Chana last I checked was doing well but right now we give the best credit to Zinhle for the MCC boulevard. She didn't just have 2 bottles with her name she became the CEO and got equity... Now that is huge.”

Well if this was directed to the rapper and tv presenter Boity then this is not the first time the super-mega has shaded her. He has previously tweeted: “Someone said Boity is a better rapper than me ... I nearly died.” He was responding to a tweep who tweeted: “AKA can rap his heart out but u will still find someone saying "that's trash".... He can sing via autotune they'll complain. That's why Idolo only does whatever the f*cks makes him happy."

AKA did not hold back yet again when Wuz Dat hitmaker came out to support Mihlali who said that men need to stop policing women’s bodies after she was called a “whore” for going on many dates. Boity then responded to Mihlali: “They DGAF. Don’t let the roaches bring you down to their level.”

Boity went on again and wrote on the separate tweet: “Do these roaches not have jobs?! Sitting, bitchin, and gossiping on Twitter all day? Sies.”
The following morning AKA tweeted: “Good morning brothers and sister. Being unemployed does not make you a ‘roach’, especially in these difficult times. You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. Believe in God and yourself. Today is your day! Let’s goooo.”
Many tweeps believed that AKA was addressing Boity’s “unemployed roaches” tweet.

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