A moment with Idris- Big Brother Hotshots winner

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

When the whole of Africa suddenlys knows that you’re now a multi-millionaire, your life will feel like it's going to spiral out of control. And look, chances are it will; first you need to get used to your 'new money' role. Secondly you need to keep a lot of Gold Diggaz away from your money... Big Brother Hotshots winner, Idris will be waking up this morning and realising that everything has changed

When Big Brother Hotshots host, IK announced Idris as the winner of this season of BBA, all hell broke loose. One minute we could see Idris on stage next to Tayo, the next, he was being carried away by a bunch of bodyguards to the press conference room. In a split second, his life had changed. He was no longer just a photographer from Tanzania but Idris – The Big Brother Hotshots winner who is now R3,000,000 richer.

Even though this new celebrity life has had Idris in a daze for the past 18 hours, we managed to clear the glitz & glamour dust to have a moment with Tanzania’s new pride and joy.

Idris we need  an honest answer here. How have the ladies acted towards you since the win last night?

[Laughs] I haven’t really been exposed to the outside world as much so it’s a bit difficult to try figure out the ladies’ reaction to me at the moment. I’m on lock down right now; literally nothing is within my control. But I’m not the type of guy to turn down any attention from the ladies.

During the week you had a fall out with your top two contender - Tayo. Before your name was announced as the winner did that fallout from the week make you nervous about him possibly winning the prize over you?


Not at all, I was actually quite confident, Tayo and I have different personalities however if our personalities were similar, then was I going to be nervous. So in my head I was thinking that it was going to be easier for the viewers to vote for the personality that they liked the most.

What were Tayo’s words after you won?

Like everyone he congratulated me. Our fight during the week was something of the past and we buried the hatchet there. I told him that the only important thing at the moment was for him to see his newborn child which is something I’m sure he was also looking forward to doing. Between him and me it’s all good man, there’s nothing but love there.

Dubbed as “Mr Lover man” was it your strategy to make women gravitate to you so effortlessly?

I’d say I’m a natural, but no that’s the way I am I speak to everybody, I like speaking to everyone and not just with the ladies. It’s funny because when you’re cool with the guys (as well as the ladies) people don’t notice that. It’s not about the game sometimes it’s just about getting along with everyone.

Congratulations Idris! This year's Big Brother Hotshots winner and a multimillionaire. Life could be a lot worse this morning.