Busiswe Mtshali applauded for her acting

The young actress gets the credit she deserves

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Busisiwe Mtshali 


Busisiwe Mtshali has impressed a lot of people after that riveting performance on Lockdown this week.Β 

On Monday, Busisiwe gave an outsanding performance on the show after hearing the heartbreaking news of the death of her on-screen mother - Mazet played by actress - Dawn Thandeka King.

That scene was so heart-wrenching that most viewers couldn't stop applauding Busiswe for a job-well done.

The actress has come out to express her gratitude towards everyone who has been watching the show and especially to those who raved about her acting.

"I'm overwhelmed with gratitude from the amount of love you guys have shown me, thank you, thank you so much. My heart is exploding with gratitude,"Β she said after receiving a number of mentions by people expressing how amazing she was on the show.

What we've also come to appreciate about Thandeka is how much of a versatile actress she can be. Not only is she able to play a serious character but she can also pull off a comedic role as well.

Have you seen her performance on Thandeka's Diary?

Hopefully, Busi will receive the accolades she deserves for not only making us cry but also making us laugh with all the talent she has to offer.

Thandeka's diary

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