Cassper: Now Is Not The Time For Abantu Bazo Thini

He has a message for struggling entertainers

By  | Jul 03, 2020, 08:01 AM  | Cassper Nyovest 

Award-winning rapper, Cassper Nyovest, shared a powerful message to his industry peers in a tweet on Thursday, 2 July 2020. The musician related to other entertainers who have had major salary cuts during the pandemic, and are also stressed about earning a living. 

He stated, “Sending prayers to all the entertainers during this tough time. I know the finances are starting to look very tricky. Don't be afraid to cut down, now is not the time for Abantu bazo thini or what will people think. Sort out what is most important & cut the rest. We will be back!”.
Cassper previously mentioned his financial woes in a tweet back in June, where he stated, “I’m working hard to keep what i have and not lose too many things cause one thing for sure, something has to go. Life as an artist in these corona times is hard.”

Seems like the rapper is really struggling during Rona! 

Pictured credit: Instagram