Celebrities on Summer vacations

After a long year of hard work, it's time to recuperate and relax

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 


While some of us are waiting on December holidays, a number of our entertainers and media personalities are jetting off to the most heavenly of Island resorts and cities to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Summer is certainly here and celebrities are beginning to enjoy some down time after a long year of doing the most. Whether it's a vacation or a baecationย we, from the other side of the fence, can't help but look in awe as ourย celebrities live their best life.

Bonang last week visited the Big Apple for the New York Fashion week and since the Queen B* is single these days, she decided to take Tebogo Megkwe (Pinky Girl) her cousin along with her for her first time in the States.

No doubt Bonang had the time of her life as she took pictures of herself in a stunning leopard print designer dress by Sergio Hudson and other amazing places.

At least Bonang took her favourite cousin with her, imagine how terrible it would've been if Pinky's U.S. visa was denied?ย 

Minnie Dlamini Jones is also one not be left out as her and her bae Quinton Jones jetted off to Paris to enjoy some time off.

Minnie also said she is so lucky to fly to the city of love just to drink champagne with the likes of Usain Bolt in celebrating her next victory.

โ€œI am the luckiest girl in the world!!! I flew all the way to Paris to drink @GHMUMM in Zero Gravity with @usainbolt @GHMUMMSA #NextVictory This is the coolest thing Iโ€™ve ever done,โ€ she said.

Tumi Voster is another media personality that is certainly enjoying her time off, after being honoured as a member of the UJ Golden Key society, Tumi treated herself to a getaway for one at some remote Island with views fit for a queen!

And she didn't hold back on the bikini look as well.

Go on with your bad Tumi!

Main Image credit: Instagram/@TumiVoster