Celebrity parents who don't show their kid's faces on social media

Here are some celebrities who are not keen of showing their kids to the public.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM 


Being in the public eye can be an interesting yet exhausting job to have. It becomes even more strenuous to your family who probably does not enjoy being hoisted in the limelight.

Although in countries like America, the first baby pictures of a celebrity's child are rumoured to be sold for millions of dollars, but not in South Africa. We do things a bit differently here, some celebrity parents are honestly not about that life.

We've seen numerous parents really shield their kids from the public eye, especially when it comes to posting pictures of their kids on social media.

Here are a few celebrities who shy away from having their kid's faces posted all over social media


That number one hip hop dad, Proverb is probably the coolest man alive in his kid's eyes and rightfully so. Apart from his career his number one pride and joy are his kids whom he flaunts proudly but always makes sure he never shows their faces on social media.

Aww what a great dad.

Basetsana Kumalo

Basetsana is also not a fan of showing her kid's faces on social media.

Mommy Bassie always makes sure her little one's identities are always concealed even when she's posting videos.

DJ Zinhle

The mother of one used to show pictures of her adorable child but has since stopped as she feels that Kairo has been overly exposed to social media ever since she was born.

My heart!! ❤️ | Photography: @sipsip_tv #workingmom

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