Celebs Weigh In On eNCA Saga!

The channel's head of news has been accused of racism and mistreating staff.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

The streets of Twitter were blazing after strong allegations of racism and ill treatment against eNCA's head of news, Kanthan Pillay, were brought about by an array of people.

Renowned political journalist, Samkele Maseko, also known as 'The Lord Of The Media' caused total mayhem on Twitter after dragging his former news boss at eNCA for mistreating him, referring him in derogatory racist terms, and having questionable journalism ethics.

In a series of shocking tweets, Samkele tweeted that on his last day of work he was "treated like a dog and thrown out of the building".

Also, the manner in which communication unfolded was hurtful for Samkele, as he mentioned that vulgur language and misuse of power and authority were frequent occurrences during the duration of his employment at the television channel.

Samkele Maseko's tweets gained momentum as other well-known figures in the media industry chimed in with words of support. Whilst others shared their own horror stories regarding their encounters with eNCA's head of news, Kanthan Pillay.

eNCA is currently going through the most, with a number Tweeps having actively blocked the channel on their social media accounts. There was also another outcry for DSTV to "mute" the channel from its bouquet, under the hashtag #eNCAMustFall.

Kathan Pillay has since issued out an apology, but it doesn't look like the people are ready to forgive him just yet.

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