Celebs Who've Been Involved Car Crashes

Some survived these horrible incidents

By  | Jun 03, 2021, 06:33 PM 

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Celebrities are just like any other ordinary person. Although we sometimes think that they do not go through trials and tribulations in life, some of them have involved in traumatic car crashes before. Some of these incidents landed them in hospital but some escaped death without sustaining extensive injuries and others, unfortunately, lose their lives.

When they announce their shocking accidents on social media we are left worried about them and wish them a speedy recovery. We have rounded up a list of Namibian celebs who have been involved in car crashes and they took to social media to open about their near-death experiences and created awareness around road safety

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1. Lioness.

The singer turned doctor shook the nation when she took to her Twitter account to share that she was involved in a car accident last year. Lioness was on her back from the clinic when a tyre of the vehicle she was travelling with burst and it rolled three times.

The accident reminded her that tomorrow is never guaranteed and she cautioned her followers to be safe. Lioness shared pictures of the overturned vehicle and said no one sustained serious injuries.

"On the way back from the clinic yesterday the tyre burst and we rolled three times. No one got seriously hurt, but please keep safe and remember tomorrow isn’t promised.
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